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3 2 1 Action

3 2 1 Action

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go: 3 2 1 Action


Have you ever wished there was a straightforward game you could play that was fun and included your favorite characters? Hollywood is under your control, along with the Young Titans. It simply appears to be simple enough, but it’s not at all. Robin and the other members of the squad run upon Detstroke, a villain who has been able to ensnare locals, visitors, and even laborers in his bid for revenge. They will all attempt to eliminate the Young Titans now that they have all become zombies. You must deal with all the mesmerized individuals in “Teen Titans Go: 3, 2, 1… Action!” and bring them back to reality.

As they are incredibly well-known in Hollywood, where the Teen Titans are set in the game, photographers and fans are always pursuing them in an effort to grab their picture. Pay closely as we’ll explain how you may assist them in avoiding them straight away.

How to play 3 2 1 Action

You’ll need to pick your first character in order to achieve that. Starfire and Robin are the two characters you may pick from. Up until you play the open characters, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg will all be closed.

The adversaries can be attacked by clicking on them and moving Robin to that location with the mouse. Get rid of them before they get a chance to take your photo, and when they are vanquished, collect the coins they scatter around to increase your score significantly. We wish you success and know that you will, as always, have a blast!

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