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Alien Alert

Alien Alert

by: Ben 10

  • 2.8K
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Ben 10: Alien Alert


In the Alien Alert game, it’s time to put your thinking abilities to the test! Ben 10 came into something surprising while hunting for clues in an abandoned warehouse. He was suddenly encircled by a dozen or more angry Red Robot Guards. These robots will undoubtedly prove to be a major stumbling block in Ben’s objectives.

Your mission is to assist our beloved teenage hero in defeating all of the deposit’s Guards. To achieve that goal, you must create a code that keeps Ben going until every Robot is destroyed. Do you believe you’re smart and cunning enough to guide Ben through this deadly maze? Let’s check it out!

How to play Alien Alert

First, let’s look at the instruments we have versus our opponents. To move Ben or have him battle, you must write a code that specifies the exact order of each move. You may do so by selecting one of the controls at the bottom of the screen, which include moving ahead, turning around, climbing a stairwell, and many more. Simply clicking on it will cause it to be added to your program.

Things are going to become fascinating now that you are familiar with the fundamentals. You will need to start using your fists in the game after you’ve come across a Red Guard! If you want to see what adversaries and obstacles are up ahead, you may also drag the mouse across the screen. Make sure Ben will persevere through the entire process!

You may press the Play button to get things started after you’re certain that your strategy will succeed. Congratulations! You’re excellent at this! To win the game, keep destroying all of your opponents!

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