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Alien Rush

Alien Rush

by: Ben 10

  • 2.8K
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Ben 10: Alien Rush


Ben 10 is the appropriate one to do it if we’re going to save this Earth from terrible aliens. He is powerful enough to defeat anyone who poses a threat to his friends and family. Join him in the Alien Rush game as you battle various enemies and aid our hero in continuing to rescue the Earth!

Ben will want your assistance more than ever at this time. He must sometimes shift, battle the enemies that stand in his way, gather the appropriate materials, and dodge every trap. He can’t finish this assignment by himself if you don’t stick by his side.

How to play Alien Rush

The gameplay is simple to understand and follow. To switch sides, use these arrow keys on your keyboard. Use the  key to assault the adversaries and remove some other roadblocks concurrently.

There are three separate checkpoints in each round. Overcome through each one to confront the largest monster you have ever seen. When you defeat it, the next level will become available.

Don’t let the aliens you see or the roadblocks you encounter assault you. Avoid the explosives to prevent losing some of your life to them.

Hold the key down longer when you wish to assault your opponents so that the fire meter is full. This will need more energy from you, but it will also enable you to eliminate the others more quickly.

To succeed and to be safe for the next incoming part, complete all the levels. We wish you luck and remember to have fun!

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