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Apple And Onion: BMX Day – Riding to the hill

Apple And Onion: BMX Day – Riding to the hill

by: Apple And Onion

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Apple And Onion: BMX Day


Our website’s Apple and Onion Games category may sometimes feel like a never-ending present, with our staff thrilled that we can now share with you a fresh new game in it: Apple and Onion BMX Day!

Based on the animated TV series Apple and Onion, BMX Day is a physics-based bike-riding game in which the principles of physics take on extraordinary importance.

This realistic bike game, created by BMX riders and fans, recreates the beauty, inventiveness, joy, and variety of the BMX universe in an open-world game set in the iconic city of Barcelona. Are you ready to enjoy your favorite sport as well as the excitement of the ride?

How to play

To accelerate, use the Up Arrow Key; to slow down, use the Down Arrow Key; and to balance your bike over traffic incidents, use the Right and Left Arrow Keys. Keep an eye on the road, which is full of ramps and steep hills, and control your bike as you try to find a way to reach the finish line safely with your closest buddy. Avoid the obstacles and have a fun time as you ride your bike through different landscapes, earn a lot of money, and put your balance and bicycling abilities to the test.

That’s how you could beat all the levels and reach the end of the game.

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