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Arm Shirt Juggle

Arm Shirt Juggle

by: Clarence

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Clarance: Arm Shirt Juggle


You’ll quickly discover that having a ball with you ensures that you’ll never get bored while playing the game Clarance: Arm Shirt Juggle. Even though it may be the oldest toy ever made, children always found a fresh method to play with it. In actuality, this is how a variety of sports, including tennis, basketball,  and football, came to be.

When you’ve had enough of them for the day and looking for something a little bit more fresh, what do you do? Clarence, on the other hand, questioned himself the same question you are now asking, and he created a novel technique to play with a ball. He created the Arm Shirt Juggle! Game since he is perhaps the neighborhood’s finest juggler. Do not be concerned; it merely appears to be more difficult than it is.

He created a trampoline-like object out of his shirt and tucked his arm inside it to play the game. To maintain the ball in the air as long as possible without letting it touch the ground, even briefly, is the game’s main goal. However, if it happens, it’s too late for you; the game is ended.

You may get more points by juggling more balls at once, but you must watch out for any falling objects that are not balls. A fresh ball will appear after three successful bounces. You will score more points if you use the gold ball.

How to play Arm Shirt Juggle

Move Clarence with your mouse or sweep on the touchable device to catch the balls that are falling to help him break his record. Avoid being struck by the falling items; if you are, you will become temporarily disoriented and unable to move, which will cause the ball to tumble to the ground. You will need to keep bouncing when playing with more than one; try to keep up with them so they don’t fall.

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