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Avalaunch – Slide Down The Mountainside In Bubbles

Avalaunch – Slide Down The Mountainside In Bubbles

by: Adventure Time

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Adventure Time: Avalaunch


In the Avalaunch game, the Adventure Time characters are skiing! They’ve concluded that sliding down the mountain is the finest plan for this winter break! They didn’t expect to be trapped this soon, though!

You must assist the wicked characters in reaching the bottom of the mountain! They’re all huddled together in a bubble, preparing to slide down the mountainside! It’s your responsibility to ensure sure none of your buddies get trapped! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and finish the game!

How to play Adventure Time

You could enjoy the whole game with just your mouse! A Gumball Guardian is positioned on the mountain, ready to force the characters down! To launch your buddies, follow the meter bar at the bottom of the screen and click! The higher the meter, the greater the distance your character’s bubble will go!

You only can play as Jake at first. He needs to travel deeper down the slopes in order to collect more characters! Jake’s bubble will grow in size with each achievement you score! You may also separate the bubbles once you have more than one character! To do so, simply click on the large bubble, which is completely free!

What more should you know?

You may focus on anybody you wish when the characters are separated! You may do so by going to the bottom of the screen and clicking on their image! Furthermore, each of your teammates possesses a unique skill! You can, for example, turn Jake into a giant or freeze and smash any boulders in the way of the Ice King. To unlock it, juts ahead to click on their specific bubble!

However, at the beginning, your heroes can only activate this unique ability once. You must earn three medals before you may use it for one more time! These badges may be won by the character that travels the furthest down a steep hill! As a result, he will be able to activate his ability once again!

Jake and his pals want to have the best time possible on their winter break! Assure that he has a wonderful time while descending the mountain!

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