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Battle of The Behemoths – Defeat Your Competitor And Win The Combat

Battle of The Behemoths – Defeat Your Competitor And Win The Combat

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Battle of The Behemoths


Imagine you having the ability to battle one-on-one with some of the most dangerous monsters on the planet.

The game will be an all-out destruction combat between all of the characters. The characters from The Regular Show are daring enough to compete to see who is the greatest of the best. You may meet them in the Battle of the Behemoths game and find who the best warrior is.

You must select your favorite hero and compete against everyone else. Each person has their own set of kicks and moves. Choose from the following characters: Evil Geese, Guardian of Secrets, Baby Ducks, Snowballs, VCR-arbitrator, and the Warlock. Each character has a distinct set of kicks, punches, and special abilities to use against your opponent. All of them will surprise you with their range of skills.

So, keep reading the text below for more information on the game and how it works, and then begin playing and having fun!

How to play game Battle of The Behemoths

To begin, choose the character you wish to be and the robot or monster it controls. You must use the Left and Right Arrow keys to control the character. You may make some foot kicks by pressing the Z button on your computer. The X button will assist you in making a fist. When you hit the C button along with the arrow keys, the selected character will perform some powerful kicks.

You must defeat all of your opponents within the 90 seconds given for each combat. Make sure you destroy your opponents before he do it the same way with you. You will both have a health vector at the top of the screen, and you must drain your enemy’s to win the game. That is all you need to know to win, so start playing this game right now and have fun!

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