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Beach City Turbo Volleyball GP

Beach City Turbo Volleyball GP

by: Steven Universe

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Steven Universe: Beach City Turbo Volleyball


To join the Crystal Gems in a difficult athletic contest, try the Beach City Turbo Volleyball game! Are you prepared to have a lot of fun with the Steven Universe series’ characters for hours on end? Whether we’re talking about the Gems or people, their volleyball abilities are very outstanding. Take the plunge without hesitation!

The objective is to defeat as many opponents as you can with a self-made 2-player squad. As a result, it’s imperative that you quickly and intelligently coordinate the characters. Are you willing to try it out?

Prepare some unique maneuvers to be performed! If your character is immediately beneath the ball, simply press 🇨 to strike the ball. By keeping an eye out for the golden star on the court, you can predict where the ball will end up next. Is that not beneficial?

The offensive and defensive roles are equal in importance. Using the 🇽 key to block when your character is in the proper position. In addition, if you simultaneously hit the 🇽and 🇨keys while in the air, you may even do a super strike. That’s a bold move, isn’t it? The power-up bar in the bottom right corner of the screen must be filled before you can activate it, though.

A team wins if it scores five points first. If you don’t win your first game, don’t give up! You can get better at volleyball and reflexes with a little practice. Additionally, hanging out with Steven Universe and his buddies will be a lot of fun!

How to play Beach City Turbo Volleyball

Choose one of the two gaming modes as the first step in completing this challenge. Which would you prefer—playing with a friend or competing against the computer? In any case, you will undoubtedly have a fun!

The dream squad selection process is already underway! You may pick from a variety of 16 fascinating characters. For instance, among the most intriguing options include Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Jasper, and Holo-Pearl. Have you ever noticed how each of them has unique attack and defensive stats? Choose two characters that get along, then begin the game!

Let’s play some volleyball. The arrow keys  may be used to maneuver your character around the court. Have you ever observed that you always influence the player who is closest to the ball? To defeat the opposition team, move quickly and strategically.

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