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Beary Rapids

Beary Rapids

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Beary Rapids


In the game Beary Rapids, you may join the well-known Bear trio in the water park! Water parks are among the finest locations to have fun whether you are the neighborhood’s best swimmer or not, or even if you have never truly learned how to swim properly. If you feel comfortable dipping your toes into the relatively chilly water, you are welcome to come here with your family or friends. When you land, drench everyone with water from endless water slides.

No matter what you do during the day, you are guaranteed to return home content and worn out after a swimming day. Since our beloved bears love water parks so much, they are competing to see who can swim the best today. This is the reason they are holding a water slide competition today. The largest slide available was where they took their tubes and rode them. It’s just a matter of seeing who can reach the bottom first at this point.

How to play Beary Rapids

Determine whether you can outperform the other two by picking your favorite bear from the group. Nevertheless, I must tell you that all bears are proficient swimmers, so I hope you are prepared for the task. To move him forward as quickly as you can while avoiding obstacles that can slow you down is the goal of the game.

Pressing the will allow you to modify the direction that the tube is floating in. Your direction of travel should be taken into account while adjusting the bear. To go forward, press the . Your bear will leap onto the water, and you’ll travel more quickly.

Avoid any potentially harmful floating objects on the water as much as you can. Some inconsiderate individuals believed it was OK to dump their trash into the water, just like they would in any other water park. In order to avoid kicking up plastic balls or empty cans, avoid swimming over wooden crates. Any of these will cause you to lag, giving your adversaries the chance to overtake you.

More and more diverse items, like the floating cotton candy, will start to arrive as the tournament progresses. It will wrap around you and prevent you from moving or steering if you swim into it or close to it. You will thus float aimlessly until its influence wears off, and who knows how far the other competitors will advance during that time.

Here’s a trick to help you go ahead more quickly: press the Beary Rapids for a long time to keep flapping the bear’s arms. You will see your position as you cross the finish line, and points will be awarded in accordance with it. The first position naturally receives the most, the third place receives the least, and the second place is somewhere in the center.

If you don’t get the top reward straight away, don’t be upset. You will have plenty of time to get acclimated to everything because the event consists of ten stages. You will undoubtedly understand how everything works as you go through the game and develop into the neighborhood’s top bear swimmer.

Have fun!

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