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Bottle Catch – Catch The Bottle And Shoot To The Sky

Bottle Catch – Catch The Bottle And Shoot To The Sky

by: Apple And Onion

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Apple and Onion: Bottle catch


It is with great pleasure that we can now welcome you back to the incredibly fun category of Apple and Onion Games from Cartoon Network, where we have not had any new games in a long time. That’s why we like to  sharing with you e Bottle Catch as something we really loved doing, precisely because we had a lot of fun playing it ourselves!

Join Apple and Onion as they play the Bottle Catch game together! The two boys are practicing their favorite trick, which is to play catch with a bottle and shoot  it high in the air. However, it appears that they want your assistance in order to make their game even more enjoyable!

You must support Apple and Onion in throwing the bottle between one and the other without falling to the ground. When the bottle is going to land, there will be a green circle with a smaller blue circle inside it next to your character. You must click as soon as the bottle touches the area in order to collect coins and increase your score. Otherwise, you’ll drop it and lose all of your money! If you manage to click in the blue circle, you will be able to fling the bottle back into the air, earning you an even bigger score!

You should invest your cash in order to purchase strong boosts in the shop! For 300 coins, you may purchase a magnet that will draw all tokens to you, or you can get a power-up that will allow you to toss the bottle even higher!!

How to play game Bottle Catch

You will use the mouse to click at the proper moment when the bottle carried by either Apple or Onion is directed towards the sky, and as it rises and then falls, you will use the mouse to control it, collecting as many additional bottles as possible and boosting your score. If you’re using a touch-enabled device, you can tap on the screen.

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