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Bouncy Cubs

Bouncy Cubs

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Bouncy Cubs


Enjoy a game of The Bouncy Cubs to lift your spirits! The cute Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear, three of your favorite bear characters, are eagerly awaiting your arrival so you may participate in a fun activity with them. They appear to have found a lot of used tires and want to bounce about in an empty warehouse. It will be extremely enjoyable!
This fascinating challenge will put your wits and dexterity to the test. Can you precisely bounce from one place to another? Although it is fantastic, you still won’t prevail! Success is achieved by utilizing all of the available resources and working together. Ready to take on a new challenge with the fluffy trio?
When you’ve gotten used to playing with just one bear, it’s time to attempt controlling two or three of this cute pack. You may go about the entire scenario and develop a plan using the mouse, as you may not be aware. To examine every angle, simply click and drag anywhere. Pick which bear you want to move first, and which way. Search for any switches, levers, or other mechanisms you may use to speed up the other bears’ path!
It is possible to make use of all the odd gadgets in a room! For instance, you may use one launch to move further by bouncing off the pillows on the walls. Have you taken note of every conveyor belt? They can aid you in achieving your objectives rather than getting in the way if you use your intelligence. Keep an eye out for arrows and other clues. They’ll assist you in determining the several ways that the background’s numerous components can be of assistance.
A new sort of adventure awaits—are you up for it? You’ll undoubtedly relax and put your creative thinking to the test with this blend of a skill-based challenge and a puzzle. Additionally, all of the adorable characters will undoubtedly calm and cheer you up!

How to play Bouncy Cubs

There are 18 levels in the game, and they range in difficulty from very easy to very difficult. You will need to cooperate as a team to assist the bears decipher challenging systems as you go through the game. Only the most knowledgeable and talented gamers may advance to the last level!
It’s very simple and enjoyable to bounce about. Simply click on the character you wish to move to make the necessary movement. In addition to an arrow showing their future course, a circle will also display around them. Launch the bear in the direction you want it to go by continuing to hold down the Left Mouse button while dragging. What fun!
Do you have the ability to throw your bears toward the finish line? There will be stripes on the ground and a flag to indicate it. The few steps you need to take to accomplish the task, the better! Looking at the red bar at the top of the screen will allow you to see how you’re doing. Would you like to obtain all three stars? Fewest possible launches are required to complete the stage! You must retry the level if you run out of moves, so keep that in mind!

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