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Boxed Up Bears

Boxed Up Bears

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Boxed Up Bears


The We Bare Bears: Boxed up Bears game is fun for any Mahjong lover! Almost 300 years have passed since the invention of this renowned puzzle game, did you know? Nevertheless, right now you may sample a novel approach to a timeless piece! You will be assisted as you become familiar with the puzzle’s rules by the three amiable bears known as Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear. In addition, if you get into trouble, they’ll even help you out. Try it right away, and hurry!

There are several rounds in this endearing puzzle challenge. Keep moving on if you want to succeed since each one gets a bit harder than the one before it. You must match two tiles at a time in order to remove them from a board. Consider your options carefully because if you run out of matches, the game is over!

Make use of the assistance the Beras may provide for you! At the bottom of the screen, they will join you and wait for you to beg for their help. If you’re stuck, one of them can help you out, while the other one can guide you in undoing a mistake. You can even eliminate a group of tiles! But keep in mind that each of these activities is expensive. In light of this, only take them in an emergency.

Your most recent high score, please? You’ll be graded depending on how many boards you were able to clear once you run out of moves. You’ll want to carry on playing, though! You will spend a lot of time in front of the screen playing this soothing puzzle game.

This well-known puzzle game will become much more enjoyable thanks to the cuddly and endearing bears. Start box-matching and take part in the fun!

How to play Boxed Up Bears 

You will simply require a mouse for this game. All the tiles on the screen should be closely examined first. To match and remove two highlighted tiles of the same kind from the board, click on two of the same type.

Be careful! Only tiles with one of their four corners free are usable. So be sure to carefully consider your actions and avoid getting trapped!

You will gain points for every move you make. Additionally, you’ll get a bonus item for every clever move you make. The We Bare Bears love them; they are among their favorite things.

They’ll increase your high score whether we’re talking about pizza bagels, tacos, or ice cream. Attempt to locate as many of them as you can! You’ll receive an additional benefit in the form of speed if you go quickly enough. Wow!

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