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Break The Worm – Ride And Crash In New Adventures

Break The Worm – Ride And Crash In New Adventures

by: Adventure Time

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Adventure Time: Break the Worm


In the Break the Worm game, Finn and Jake go on new adventures! Finn has been caught in a dream by the King Worm, and he must battle his way out! Jake is always willing to aid his pal, but they appear to require additional assistance!

You must intervene to defend their backs! You must finish three stages to win the game: the Ice Kingdom, Joshua’s Dungeon, and the Candy Kingdom. Make sure to vanquish all of the nasty worms and put an end to Finn’s nightmare for good! However, first and foremost, allow us to explain how the game is played so that you do not face any issues.

Finn’s journey through dreamland is riddled with stumbling blocks! Ice Stakes, for example, will appear from the ground to put him in danger! Furthermore, certain machines fire these stakes at the character! Because he only has three lives, you must keep him safe! Additionally, nasty penguins will plummet from the sky! Defeat them as soon as possible, and eliminate any potential menace!

Despite this, bonuses may be found all over the place! They resemble pink gifts and can deliver Heart, Power, or Extra Life refills! You must punch the gift boxes to unlock them! Keep your eyes peeled for these goodies, and towards the end, achieve the highest score!

As a result, Finn must break free from this awful dream and return to reality! Assist him in defeating the nefarious King Worm and his henchmen!

How to play Break the Worm

Finn will have to exterminate hidden worms that will emerge from the earth! Use the Arrows keys to maneuver your character over the platform! Once you’ve located his foes, hit them using the key! Occasionally, obstacles may surface, which you must leap over by using the key!

Some foes, however, are simply too powerful to be defeated easy! You must use Finn’s special attacks in these situations: the Shark Sword, Big Legs, and Fear Feaster! They will emerge throughout your path, and you may use the to activate them! This strike may be used at either half or full power! Simply press the key to switch between attacks and select the one you believe would work best!


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