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Broom Riders

Broom Riders

by: The Tom and Jerry

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The Tom and Jerry: Broom Riders


Usually chasing each other, the adorable mouse and cat couple suddenly need to cooperate! In the Tom and Jerry: Broom Riders game, the items start abruptly levitating, and they need to get everything back. Their household objects have been possessed, and it looks like they won’t be able to capture them without your guidance. Could you please make sure to put everything back where it belongs?

Your oddball companions have a common goal in this strange quest. You must assist them by using a broom to fly through the air and gather every floating thing.Nevertheless, your mission, is more difficult than it first appears since there are challenged. Are you capable of completing this task?

How to play Broom Riders

Takeoff is now necessary! Pushing the   and arrow buttons on your keyboard will allow you to soar higher. Although maintaining equilibrium might be challenging, practice makes perfect. You will have complete control over your broom once you get the hang of it.

Follow the red arrows to each item on your list as they lead to your primary goal. You must be careful to pursue just the item that is highlighted while the pursuit is underway. Even if you see the others, you can’t grab them until it’s your turn.

Without hurrying, you must exercise caution. Consider taking your time and attempting to avoid any nearby hazards. Dangerous animals like bats will even be present in the atmosphere. One star will be taken away each time you touch them.

When this happens, the game will try to deceive you into finding more than one of a certain item. Just keep in mind to only pursue the shiny objects, otherwise, you won’t be rewarded for your efforts. Don’t be deceived, and aim to receive all three stars after each stage.

Are you ready to take on the challenge now? You’re expected to find every item, and Tom and Jerry depend on you. Come help your friends by restoring order to their homes right away.

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