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Bumblebee Robot Rescue – Help Bumblebee Get Over The Obstacles

Bumblebee Robot Rescue – Help Bumblebee Get Over The Obstacles

by: DC Super Hero Girl

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Bumblebee Robot Rescue


A new online game for children is ready and prepared to come under the DC Superhero Girls and Teen Titans Go games categories, in which we are confident you will meet all of your favorite characters.

Bumblebee Robot Rescue (DC Super Hero Girls) is a pseudo-3D skill game that chronicles the exploits of Bumblebee from the animated TV series DC Super Hero Girls.

You can see that within this new game for kids, you will have to figure out how to protect the DC Superhero Girls, who have been kidnapped by wicked and terrible robots. Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Green Lantern, Zatanna, and Supergirl were all abducted by the wicked girl. She imprisoned the girls in cages housed inside gigantic robots. At this time, only Bumblebee can save them. It can reduce in size and penetrate the guts of each robot to disable it.

In the game Bumblebee Robot Rescue, you will support Bumblebee in his mission to rescue his classmates from the hands of the villainous Lena Luther. Your mission is to fly and navigate your way through obstacle-filled tunnels in order to save as many superhero females as possible. Get over the obstacles without collapsing.

To ensure that all of the DC Superhero Girls are saved, you must be very careful and concentrated in order to defeat the challenge and begin to see how Bumblebee can battle all of the robots in order to save the Cartoon Network characters.

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How to play

The journey consists of five stages, with Bumblebee navigating his way through the entire robot system to reach the main chip on each level. By disabling the chip, the robot will be neutralized and the superheroes will be safe. However, it is far simpler to say than it is to execute! Bumblebee will move on its own, and it is your responsibility to guide him through the maze of mechanisms and traps. Only your expertise and fast response speed will be able to help you overcome all barriers and save your buddies from the grips of a wicked little trick! After completing the mission of mercy for each of the heroines, you will be able to enter their endless mode, in which you will have no clear aim other than to strive to beat your prior high scores each time you play.

To play the game, use the mouse to click and drag. Navigate through the tunnels using the WASD or Arrow Keys to reach your destination without clashing with any obstacles or traps, otherwise you will fail.

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