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Candy Dive

Candy Dive

by: Adventure Time

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Adventure Time: Candy Dive


Jake & Finn’s Candy Dive is filled with treats everywhere you look! Finn and Jake have decided to act independently to avert a crisis after the witch used a spell to make her garden sweeter than the Candy Kingdom.

While being dropped off in midair by the Rainicorn, you must assist the lovable characters in collecting all the candies. Throughout their whole free-fall, it is your responsibility to ensure their safety. For this new assignment, Jake and Finn are depending on you! Prepare yourself and save the Candy people!

How to play Candy Dive

You must guide Finn and Jake through the air once the Rainicorn dumps them off. To move the characters in the direction of the candy, press the Right and Left arrow keys simultaneously! Press the Up button if you feel like they are descending too rapidly. They will slow down since this will open Finn’s parachute! The more quickly they fall, though, the more points they get while gathering sweets!

The Candy folks must be saved at the same time! They will be floating in the air when you discover them! You need to gather a total of five characters! It is essential to return them to the Candy Kingdom, so make an effort not to miss any of them!

Additionally, power-ups are available to you, which will be helpful in your adventure. To get you back to the sweets you missed, for instance, the Rainicorn may arrive at any time. As a result, you get another opportunity to raise your scores! But there are also difficulties! You will fall swiftly if you manage to find a wooden hammer! You won’t be able to obtain any brightly colored bonbons in this manner!

The Candy people and their kingdom are in need of saving, and Finn and Jake have made it their mission to do it! Get your energy together and aid your teammates in their new journey!

With Jake in Candy Kingdom, Finn have made it their mission to help the candy folk.

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