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Cat Rescue

Cat Rescue

by: Apple And Onion

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Apple And Onion: Cat Rescue


In the video game Cat Rescue, your two friends Apple and Onion are in terrible problems! The adorable couple chooses to bring home a stray cat. Sadly, it appears that their pet went missing once more. Without your support, the cat won’t ever return home!

You now have the opportunity to assist in getting the couple their pet back. It won’t move without your help since it is stuck on the opposite side of the highway. Then, you should take advantage of it to rally your buddies once more. Get an excellent view of the roadway.

How to play Cat Rescue

Playing as the cat and guiding it to the opposite side of the road is the game’s straightforward goal. You may decide in advance whether Apple or Onion will meet their pet on the other side.

Have you ever wondered why a cat might cross a road? Although we don’t know the solution, we do know what you can do to help. To make the cat jump, you only need to click once or press once on the screen. Although it’s not particularly tough, timing is key.

Move quickly and keep an eye on both ways! The nine lives that cats have may be true, but you don’t want to use them all! Who likes getting injured, too?

You should always look both ways before crossing a road, as you are already aware. Since the cat could jump too quickly or too slowly, you need to pay attention. You’ll need to start the level over if that occurs.

Apple and onion are stressed up right now! You’ll find your friend on the opposite side of the street in no time if you don’t pause for too long. Once again being able to hug his pet, the owner will be overjoyed.

Just as in real life, move quickly like a cat and keep an eye out for oncoming traffic. The automobiles get faster as you progress through the levels, so pay attention and good luck!

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