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Cats Gone Bats

Cats Gone Bats

by: Tom and Jerry

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Tom and Jerry: Cats Gone Bats


For a decent scare in the Cats Gone Bats game, it’s not necessary for it to be Halloween. One can’t believe how many strange items are in this ancient, scary home! There are several priceless items laying around, like spellbooks, brooms, and pointed hats.

Tom’s goal is to keep the bats out of the home, thus this game is meant to support him this time. These little creatures are not only unpleasant, but they are also little crooks! They like stealing the ladies of the house’s cherished possessions while they are gone. To protect everything from the cunning creatures, this blue cat needs you be there and give him a hand.

Look out for the Special Bats!

The full moon will occasionally bring about the spawning of a strange kind of bat. Nobody should make fun of the Vampire Mouse. They cannot be pulled down as soon as the regular ones. Don’t stop trying, you’ll need to strike them several times until they give up.

Tom’s enjoyment will be ruined by Jerry as well. He intends to frighten our cat while dressing as a bat. He can only be slowed down by the garlic, which is unfortunate for you. If you are struck, Tom will be knocked out for a bit. Jerry will stand there and hurl pans at you. But be cautious! The bats have just enough time to advance during these crucial seconds.

Good tips for you

There are a few more things you may find to be really helpful. These unique assaults have the potential to give Jerry and these bats a lesson they won’t soon forget. You must press the Left and Right arrows in accordance with the object you wish to launch in order to use them.

The Mirror is on your left. If you activate that mirror, it will project an extremely strong light forward that will instantly eliminate the little bats! The Vampire Mouse will thus go backward a bit as a result of the light beam, allowing you extra time to finish him out!

There is a slab of steak with Jerry’s name on it on the right side. You may throw it to knock the bad mouse out, but take caution! Jerry will want to get retribution as soon as he has the steak. So, before he returns to frighten Tom, you need make sure to clear the path!

If you come to this game, there will be countless hours of enjoyment for you. Beating your own records will help you determine how long you can withstand the bat invasion.

How to play Cats Gone Bats

Garlic is, of course, Tom’s most effective weapon against bats. Tom’s going to have to change lanes, so use the and arrows on your keyboard. You need to move as quickly as lightning since there are several bats rushing at you from every direction.

Press the to fire strikes on the flying troublemakers as they get close to the targets you need to protect. That garlic will repel them forever with just one mouthful! However, there are instances when you could feel overpowered by the sheer quantity of avian miscreants. If one or two of them get by you, it won’t be a huge issue. If there are three of them, they can only steal something in the house!

You should pay attention on the bar that shows you the bats that have already entered if you don’t want to get left behind. If there are too many people who were lucky, you should definitely pick up your game! Also helpful is the Special Attack Meter, which is something else that is more than that. You can use as many special attacks as you like after it reaches its maximum when you strike the bats!

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