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Chens Return

Chens Return

by: Ninjago!

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Ninjago: Chens Return


With Chen’s Return, you can gauge your speed. Do you know the story of Lego Ninjago, the fantastical toy line? This journey with Asian influences will have you on the edge of your seat. For instance, you’ll now get the opportunity to meet Chen, one of the show’s most dangerous antagonists. The Ninjago warriors must do their hardest to stop him now that he’s returned. A trilogy of three exhilarating races will have you on the tip of your seat. Join them!

It won’t be simple to experience and give in to the ninja warrior’s abilities! Three heart-pounding races, each taking place in a unique setting, make up this epic experience. To venture into the desert, the jungle, or the tundra would require a lot of courage. Before moving on to the next level, you must complete the current one. Your abilities and patience will be put to the test in this game!

In a race, are you having problems advancing past the opening few hundred meters? No need to  worry my dear! Before you adjust to the rapid speed of this task, it can take you a few tries. You must become accustomed to this three-dimensional race since the perspective is always shifting.

Fortunately, you have a ton of goodies at your disposal that can help you progress in the game. Be on the lookout for rainbow lights! As an illustration, for a little period of time, the magnet will draw all the diamonds close to your character. Other incentives can allow you to stop time or perhaps take an exciting journey. Give them a try!

You’ll be glued to the screen during this incredible Ninjago journey! You will get the opportunity to see firsthand the ninja fighters’ renowned talents. Get moving so you can arrive to the Ninjago HQ before Chen does!

How to play Chens Return

The controls are already known to you if you’ve ever completed the traditional Temple Run challenge. Three lanes make up the race, and the and are used to change lanes. Your way will frequently be obstructed. By pressing , you may jump over them or slip under them. As your ninja advances automatically at a certain speed, consider your timing wisely!

Get ready for the unexpected is coming! In order to complete the course and win the game, you must overcome all of the obstacles. The ground is full with enormous stones and perilous abysses. In addition, landslides might occur at any time! Prevent these dangers and act quickly to avoid losing one of your valuable lives!

A few priceless items are also concealed on the road ahead, though. Along the journey, be careful to get as many of the diamonds as you can. You may pick up a variety of currencies and diamonds, but the golden cube is the most priceless. In order to get bonus points, can you find all five of them in one level?

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