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Clubbers Quarrel

Clubbers Quarrel

by: The Sketchy Show

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The Sketchy Show: Clubbers Quarrels


We’re thrilled to introduce the new game Clubbers Quarrel on our website today from Are you interested in knowing the subject of the game? You’ll have to go to clubs and try to reason with the Red-bearded caveman because he’s out of control. As long as you continue reading, we’ll explain exactly how to accomplish it. Use the left and right arrow keys to move between lanes, the mouse button to knock the clubs back, and be aware of the Red Caveman’s club.  Try your best to score as many points as you can in this manner. Be cautious because if you are struck three times, you lose all three of your lives, which means you lose the game—something we’re sure you don’t want to happen. What are you still holding out for, then? Try out this unusual game right away, and we promise you’ll have a blast, just like you usually do on our website!

How to play

Your objective in this game is to play various forms of baseball with those individuals to score points. They will utilize food, namely some chicken drumsticks, instead of balls. The caveman can be moved left and right with the 🇦  keys, and you can smash the chicken drumstick with the mouse. If you want to achieve a high score, use caution. You will adore life if you miss it. You must restart the entire game from scratch if you run out of lives. If you want a chance to join the top ranks of the finest players in the world in this thrilling game that just surfaced on our website, you must act quickly. The score is displayed in the top left corner, followed by the number of lives on the right. If your first effort did not result in a high score, try again. Tell us what you think about the shady show by leaving a comment.

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