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Crystal Chaos

Crystal Chaos

by: Elliott From Earth

  • 2.8K
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Elliott From Earth: Crystal Chaos


By mistake, Elliot and his mother find themselves in another planet. A robot that will lead him into the unknown planet welcomes them when they arrive and offers him guidance. Elliot will need to work out a number of riddles or chores in order to return to his galaxy—that is, to earth—which will need him to do so. However, Elliot can only complete the tasks he has sketched if the robot also functions and is guided by him. One of the captivating games that will hold your interest and challenge your thoughts is Crystal Chaos – Elliot From Earth.

The puzzle-adventure/point-and-click game uses several genres and formats to immerse you in Elliott’s experiences on the spacecraft Centrium, where he and his mother wound up and are now forced to coexist with aliens from many galaxies.

How to play Crystal Chaos

Our protagonist was summoned to the Director’s cabin at the start of the game, where he was given the vital responsibility of discovering many missing crystals through the spacecraft since they are the key to the adventure’s continuation.

Help the guy go around, learn more about the environment, interact with people he encounters, and discover all the hints that will finally point him toward the crystal.

While you’re on your path and attempting to do the chores the robot has given you, you’ll run into a number of people who want to talk to you. Talk to them and use extreme caution since they may be able to provide you with information on what you should do. However, you have a button that may provide you with more information and a map that you always have access to so you can be directed in the appropriate direction in the top right corner.

Start right now, enjoy yourself to the fullest, and stay put since this category will be expanded, and you don’t want to lose out on its incredible material!

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