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Dare Diver

Dare Diver

by: New Looney Tunes

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New Looney Tunes: Dare Diver


In the video game Dare Diver, be ready to be astonished by the finest diver in the world! Even though rabbits aren’t often recognized for being strong swimmers, Bugs Bunny would go to great lengths to get his hands on some carrots. Participate in a fun competition with him and the other Boomerang team members! Possess the necessary skills to achieve some excellent marks.

The main objective of this reaction game is to showcase your swan diving prowess. As you guide Bugs Bunny in doing a beautiful leap, grab all of his prized carrots before you land. There will undoubtedly be challenges as well, so try to avoid them if possible! Do you feel up to this game?

How to play Dare Diver

You’ll need to utilize your mouse to start your trial and perform a smooth descent. Wait until your pet is close to the edge, then click once to make him jump. After that, you can just move your mouse around the screen to assist him in gathering the things. Good fortune!

You need to exercise extreme caution to avoid running into any impediments while you explore the area. Of course, there is a blue pool below you. However, on the way there, you can run across Yosemite Sam, your adversary, or possibly collide with some birds.

It’s better if you take your time and keep your distance from the screen’s edge. If you want to be very watchful, you can even listen to the chirping noises to determine when they are moving closer and closer. Your score will go down if you strike an obstacle on the way down and you’ll lose your priceless carrots.

There are more than 10 entertaining levels that your Boomerang buddies have planned for you! Each one will get you closer to the moon, but it will also bring you additional things to gather. You can plunge into the water elegantly and earn a good score if you’re cautious as you’re heading down.

Will you possess the best swimming abilities? To succeed in the tournament, your bunny friend needs your support. Help Bugs Bunny now to win over the judges by joining him!

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