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Dash N Dodge

Dash N Dodge

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Dash N Dodge


The Dash ‘n’ Dodge game is about to start, and Gumball and his pals are prepared for a wild dash! Everyone is aware that the characters in The Amazing World of Gumball frequently come up with crazy ideas. This time is no exception, but your companions need your support in order to start acting! Will you join the gang and support them in constructing the track?

Your main objective in this enjoyable adventure game is to extend the race as long as you can! Choose from Darwin, Anais, or Gumball as your chosen character, then start sprinting as quickly as you can! Naturally, the task is not simple because there will be numerous barriers on your path. Lucky you!

How to play Dash N Dodge

Choose the character you wish, and aid him in winning the contest! The only thing you’ll need to get started is a keyboard. Simply pressing will move your pal in that direction while dodging the obstacles. Isn’t it as simple as pie?

Your friend is prepared to race as soon as you finish picking your character. The goal of this task is not to win first place. You’ll have to demonstrate your endurance in this case. Just try your hardest and showcase your talents if you want to win!

Of course, you need to watch out for potential stumbling blocks! From a moving cactus to bananas or toast, anything might appear on the road. You’ll have to keep your eyes open and pay attention as a result of that. After all, you never know what will occur!

Your three racing buddies are prepared for you to join them. Guide Gumball, Anais, and Darwin in starting their run, and keep going until you break the previous record! Everyone is depending on you!

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