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by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Develobear


The Develobears game allows you to assist Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear in making their very own video game. The bears’ new scheme to gain notoriety has been revealed! This doesn’t sound like a promising beginning, starting in their basement, but if you help them out, this plan could just succeed!

It’s your responsibility to help your buddies as they complete each step of the game-making process by carrying out various duties. All of it will fall under your purview, from coloring the landscape and surroundings to composing the tunes and creating a collection! Are you up for taking on a new challenge with the charming bears?

How to play Develobear

The controls that you may utilize are quite simple to use to begin with. Clicking the object you wish to move is all that is necessary. Holding the Left Mouse button while dragging it to the desired location will allow you to doodle, solve puzzles, or control your character. It appears simple enough, doesn’t it?

You will need to get some gold to add enhancements to your game. You can obtain the money you need to buy them by playing the game you’ve made, and each one may cost anything from 50 to hundreds of coins!

Throughout the game, you’ll face a variety of difficulties. Puzzles are the norm, but occasionally you’ll be asked to mix up a piece of theme music or modify your character!

You’ll notice that the difficulty of your video game will start to rise as you build it. Keep in mind that there are¬†only¬†three lives for you, so try not to run into too many obstacles!

You are necessary to Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear! Become a part of them and design your own game!

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