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Dimensional Domination

Dimensional Domination

by: Mighty Magiswords

  • 2.8K
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Mighty Magiswords: Dimensional Domination


Play the game Dimensional Domination with your Mighty Magiswords friends and embark on a brand-new journey! It seems like Prohyas and Vambre are always in trouble with all the creatures waiting to strike! The warriors are embarking on a brand-new quest, and they require your assistance to succeed! Will, you have their backs and stand by them as they battle evil in the Lyvsherian universe?

The goal of this survival game, like other survival games, is to survive as long as you can while waves of monsters approach. You’ll need to be brave to tackle the bad guys before they can get to you to do it. Take on the role of Prohyas, take your Magisword, and start fighting! Can you protect yourself from the dangerous outsiders?

How to play Dimensional Domination

You must left-click and swipe with your mouse in the desired direction to begin moving and assaulting your opponents. You have the option of moving to the left or right or even jumping in the air! Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

You will receive five hearts just before a fresh round of creatures begins. You will lose one of them each time you are struck. Before your adversaries touch you, try to react swiftly and defend yourself! An approaching boss will let you know when the wave is about to expire, and you’ll need to defeat it.

Be careful because the attackers get stronger the more you advance! Try to keep as far away from your opponents while continuing to assault them if you see that you are losing health. You can sometimes gather hearts that they occasionally drop when you defeat them.

You’ll face your evil twin Nohyas in the decisive fight! You should give it your all to prevail in the battle and honor Prohyas!

Your pals urgently need your assistance! Will you take part in the conflict and aid them in driving back the huge waves?

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