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Dollar Store Dash

Dollar Store Dash

by: Apple And Onion

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Apple And Onion: Dollar Store Dash


An arcade game called Apple & Onion: Dollar Store Dash is based on the Apple & Onion animated television series. Participate in the Dollar Store Dash game as Apple and Onion go shopping! The town looks to be bustling with shoppers right now. It seems like a battleground just attempting to get past all those people!

Your objective is to assist your buddies in getting to Patty at the register while navigating the crowded supermarket. Play as Apple or Onion and navigate your chosen character around the aisles while avoiding other customers. Just as when crossing a street, always remember to look both ways before you go! To succeed in this task, you’ll need to think quickly and have good response abilities.

How to play Dollar Store Dash

First thing first, you should be familiar with the controls before beginning the game. One incorrect move might force you to redo a level because the game is rather fast-paced. By hitting the and on your keyboard, you may move left or right while walking. By pressing the or making a single click on the screen, you may advance.

Even though you can use all the other arrow keys, pressing the Down key won’t make you go backward. To avoid being struck by other consumers, keep that in mind!

The other characters’ speed increases with each level in the game, which has 10 in total. Do not rush, and keep that in mind! Before proceeding to next aisle, you ought to watch how they walk. Nobody walks slowly by nature, though!

You will receive a tiny surprise at the conclusion of the game if you try your hardest and complete it.

For this challenge, are you prepared? To get to the finish of your shopping journey, use your talents and consider your actions before you take them.

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