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Doras Magic Land Adventure

Doras Magic Land Adventure

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Doras Magic Land Adventure


Oh no! In the Dora’s Magic Land Adventure game, Big Red Chicken needs your assistance in locating his misplaced wand. You must accompany Dora to the Magic Land in order to prevent Boots from becoming a chicken. Can you complete this quest and return the enigmatical object back?

Jump high and hop from one level to another now! As soon as you’re inside, you must assist the daring adventurer in gathering each location’s fragments of the shattered wand. You must use great caution, though, as there are numerous impediments in your path. Are you prepared to discover what is under Big Red Chicken’s hat?

How to play Doras Magic Land Adventure

Let’s go on a magical land exploration! You must use the and Arrows in order to move Dora through each area. When you’re ready to jump, use the , or press it along with the arrow buttons for a stronger jump. Exploring every possibility is essential to Boots’ survival!

Finding the three missing pieces and putting the magic wand back together are your key objectives. You must visit the Card Castle, Bunny Hill, and The Magic Forest in order to do this. You must search about and gather all of the vibrant orbs before you may access the hidden treasures in each location. Simply keep going and ascend the platforms to get to the exit!

Water fountains, concealed ropes or trampolines, as well as other bizarre pranks, are all over the place as obstacles. Take use of them to climb, sprint through the rings, and up the steps necessary to accomplish each stage. When you reach the last door, a brief puzzle must be completed before you may leave.

Your memory and math skills will be put to the test as you attempt to accomplish each obstacle. The huge carrots must be arranged correctly, the magical orb pattern must be completed, and the quantity chosen must correspond to the number of forms on each card. The task of Dora will be completed after these tests!

Boots will become a chicken if you don’t move quickly! You must assist the adorable adventurer in breaking the enchantment and restoring the wand. Can you complete each task and get back to Big Red Chicken in a timely manner?

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