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Double Trouble In Mirror Castle

Double Trouble In Mirror Castle

by: Mighty Magiswords

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Mighty Magiswords: Double Trouble In Mirror Castle


A puzzle game called Mighty Magiswords: Double Trouble In Mirror Castle, based on the Mighty Magiswords animated cartoon TV series, is played top-down. Take part in the Double Trouble in Mirror Castle game as Vambre and Prohyas attempt to escape the maze! It appears that the two warriors are confined within the castle by the Mirrorange Magisword. How will they undo the consequences of the sword, even if they must find a way out? Will you provide a hand to your pals in the investigation?

In order to advance to the mission’s ultimate level, it is your responsibility to simultaneously supervise both siblings and collect gems. Vambre and Prohyas’ actions will be accurately mirrored by one another when the screen is divided in two. Help the two break the curse of the sword by finding a way out!

How to play Double Trouble In Mirror Castle

When navigating the labyrinth, you may move your characters by hitting the arrow keys on your keyboard. The Magisword may be used to attack by pressing the if you manage to locate one. It seems simple so far, doesn’t it?

You must pay care and collect all of the stray diamonds since Vambre and Progyas will mirror one another. You must always look at both sides of the split-up screen to ensure you’ve got everything.

The Mirrorange Magisword may be obtained and used to ultimately undo the impact of the game’s 28 levels. Get both characters to move simultaneously in the direction of the bright beam of light to complete each level. To complete a level, you must have at least one gem, or one star, but you should try your best for three golden stars!

You may occasionally need to release one of the siblings who is imprisoned. When you do that, you’ll note that the two won’t completely mimic each other’s movements, which will make it more challenging for you to go forward. This problem can be solved by getting one of the characters caught in a corner and moving the other one until they are in the same place.

Prohyas and Vambre urgently need your assistance! Will you assist them in their endeavor to find a way out of the maze and get back to their natural selves?

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