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Dragon Duel – Rescue The Town From The Cold

Dragon Duel – Rescue The Town From The Cold

by: Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

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Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart: Dragon Duel


Dear children, now we present you a really special Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart game for kids, which you may play with your close friends on your mobile phones or tablets.

In this game, an ice dragon has emerged in town, causing Mao Mao to have a cold, therefore he knows he must fight the dragon at all costs, as he despises being sick. You’ll be one of Mao Mao’s sheriffs today, and you’ll be assisting him in an exciting new action game. Let’s hope as he would be healthy after all and keep going on adventures.

How to play Dragon Duel

You must reach the dragon in the sky and beat him in each stage of the game by leaping from one of the ice blocks he shoots to the next coming, reaching as high as possible. This is a new online animal adventure game in which Mao Mao will require your support by moving and running as much as possible. It is not going to be simple. You hit the button on your keyboard to control Mao Mao take a hop between the blocks, making sure he doesn’t fall into the pits, otherwise you’ll lose and have to start again.

If the dragon has fired other objects, such as snowball, sprint through them with the key, earning points and increasing your power. You will be able to rush through the dragon and destroy it if you approach it with enough energy and points.

Continue to battle the dragon as often as necessary to ultimately beat it and rescue the community from the cold, as it is summer, right? Good luck, and we hope to see you playing even more of our daily games, enjoying fun like you can only have on!

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