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Drillionaire – Dig As Deep As You Can

Drillionaire – Dig As Deep As You Can

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go: Drillionaire


Drillionaire is a Teen Titans Go Games game that we are confident that all of our visitors will like. This game is based on the Teen Titans Go! anime series  and is a ground-digging game. Dig your way deeper into the crust, harvest minerals, buy upgrades, and stop underground evil creatures from causing earthquakes.

The Teen Titans are close friends who would go to great lengths to help each other. Raven became enraged when Beastboy’s girlfriend, Terra, arrived, and she used her magic to send her away. The issue is that Beastboy became upset and pursued her in an attempt to save her. Now it’s up to Cyborg to save his friend and rebuild the Teen Titans Tower, which has been demolished. In the Drillionaire game, you have the opportunity to assist Cyborg in accomplishing all of these goals while also helping him amass a large sum of money.

How to play Drillionaire

To control Cyborg’s machine, press the four Arrows buttons on your keyboard. The more mud you dig up, the more points you earn. When your energy runs out, you must return home since you will no longer be able to dig.

You’ll be able to change your machine and upgrade it to become stronger with all of the gold you’ve earned. Locate the subterranean portals and be cautious of the harsh rocks. You won’t be able to smash them, and if they do, you’ll have to return home and repair your machine. Avoid the lava creatures as much as possible, and don’t let them go.

Locate Beastboy as quickly as possible, and return home safely. We understand that there are several tasks to be completed at the same time, but Cyborg would not be able to complete them all by himself. Demonstrate to him that he can rely on you by assisting him with his task.

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