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Drone Destruction – Transform And Defeat The Evils

Drone Destruction – Transform And Defeat The Evils

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Ben 10: Drone Destruction


On, you could play Ben 10: Drone Destruction for free. The Ben 10 Drone Destruction game, as well as other entertaining games, can now be played on your computer browser.

Test your agility and bravery by playing Ben 10: Drone Destruction! If you’ve read anything about young Ben Tennyson’s travels, you should be prepared for the unexpected.

In their Rustbucket RV, Ben and his grandfather Max Tennyson were silently motoring. They find themselves suddenly trapped on the road. He and his grandfather had no idea what was going on. Our two protagonists are discovered to be encircled by hostile extraterrestrial drones. Strange creatures and terrible extraterrestrial powers appear to lurk around every corner. Ben, on the other hand, has a limited amount of time to utilize his Omnitrix. To combat those terrible robots, he desperately needs your support. Would you stay by his side and lend him a hand?

Your challenge is quite simple and easy to understand. You will have to withstand all of the waves of attackers until Grandpa Max devises a strategy. Are you courageous enough to triumph in this high-octane battle?

How to play the game Ben 10: Drone Destruction

You must first determine how you will employ the Omnitrix’s power before engaging in combat! Ben can take on the roles of three distinct aliens for this level. Diamondhead, Stinkfly, or Heatblast: which one will you choose? Make your choice carefully, since each one has a unique set of attacks and powers!

To control and direct your alien, use the Arrow keys to move and the Z and X keys to fight. Each of them attacks differently, but they commonly shoot items, such as vines, diamonds, or fire. You must, however, wait for the battery to fill before hitting Z to release the power!

This game is called “survival”! The life bar in the top on the right corner of your screen will diminish every time you let our protagonist take a hit. You’ll quickly learn that defending is equally as vital as hitting drones because there are no healing power-ups.

Manage your life points based on the adversaries you still have to fight! In the top right corner of the screen is also the number of enemies left in the current wave.

Select enhancement after each wave to boost your alien’s power (more damage, speed, stun, multiple fires…).

You’ll go up against numerous waves of drone adversaries, each one more strong, large, and quick than the last, but if you stay focused and give it your all, you will be coming out on top.

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