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Ekans Jetpack Blast

Ekans Jetpack Blast

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Ekans Jetpack Blast


Using a single tap, players may play the arcade game Jetpack Blast. In order to earn the most points, you should jet your way up the alien structure.

Young Jack has always had a fascination with various aircraft. When he was an adult, he constructed a rocket pack using blueprints from a scientific publication. You will assist him in the game Jetpack Blast while he is being tested right now. An image of a playing field with the manufacturing workshop visible will appear in front of you on the screen.

How to play Jetpack Blast

Standing on the ground, your character will have a bag strapped on his back. He will activate it and begin ascending upon receiving a signal. You may alter the ascent’s pace by clicking on the computer screen with the mouse. There will be barriers and a variety of mechanical traps that travel across space in your hero’s path. Jack’s flying will be controlled by you to avoid running into them. Your character will pass away if this does happen. Additionally, there will be stuff in the air that you must gather, including different gold stars.

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