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Empire vs Rebels

Empire vs Rebels

by: Lego StarWar

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LEGO Star Wars: Empire vs Rebels


If you wish to participate in the storied space saga, don’t pass up the opportunity to play LEGO Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebels! One of the most thrilling parts of the series is when the Resistance starts looking for Luke Skywalker. You now have the chance to see it for yourself! Find the youngster who can channel the Force like no other by traveling to different planets!

The game comprises of four thrilling stages, each of which is set in a unique galaxy-wide region. Destroy Stormtroopers, make your way through all of these exhilarating platform puzzles, and locate the map that will lead you to Luke. It will be a challenging but fun endeavor to combine the two venerable franchises of Star Wars and LEGO!

Keep in mind all the Stormtroopers you’ll encounter along the road! With the lightsaber, explosives, or simply by leaping on them, you may take care of them. However, if you don’t take precautions, they may kill you!

You’ll be moved to the most recent checkpoint you crossed once your character is hit. You could have to start the level over entirely if you choose the incorrect path, though. Yikes!

Go out and explore the space without further ado! Your Resistance warrior will locate Luke’s whereabouts with a little bit of skill and a lot of patience. The galaxy is a little safer because of your amazing platform and puzzle-solving skills. You’ll have a great time if you keep battling for the Light in this fascinating game!

How to play LEGO Star Wars: Empire vs Rebels

Control the Resistance warrior who is the protagonist in this story! To go around the level, using the in the Arrow keys. Simply hit whenever you need to leap.

Also capable of using a Lightsaber is your protagonist. That is amazing, right? By using the , you may swing it. Moreover, you can lob bombs! Simply press the 🇬, then exit the area before the explosion reaches you!

All three Holocrons are there anywhere on the planet? The goal is to find a path to the level’s conclusion, where R2-D2 will be waiting for you. To do this, you must leap from one platform to the next.

Additionally, you’ll encounter several challenges that can only be overcome by utilizing various switches, boxes, and buttons. Your capacity for puzzle-solving will be tested by these platform challenges.

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