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Exchange Student Zero

Exchange Student Zero

by: Battle Day Brawl

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Battle Day Brawl: Exchange Student Zero


With Hiro and his Earth-based pals, welcome to a brand-new game. One of the coolest games with this character that you can play is Exchange Student Battle Day Brawl, in which you may engage in combat with the formidable Blackyard family.

Inadvertently brought to life as an anime character, Hiro now has to fit in with his schoolmates. Hiro must combat his adversaries today and, of course, triumph in every conflict if he wants to pass a very significant test at school. In contrast, he is ejected, which will not be advantageous to him or his two buddies, John and Max.

This is a one-on-one battle, and you will have the opportunity to choose your course of action at a later time. After then, your action will be matched, and then it will be the adversaries’ turn. Before he defeats you, you must overcome your adversary!

How to play Battle Day Brawl Exchange Student

In the Exchange Student Battle Day Brawl, you will have certain unique abilities, such as the Boost Assault, which amplifies your attack and gives it extra force. When you hit the Boost Counterattack button, your counterattack will deal extra damage. You will be able to assault your adversary in the initial action, and you will also have the option to counterattack, thwart your enemy’s attack, and engage in combat. You’ll face off against Stromulex, a powerful skeleton, on the first level. He’s invisible for the first few minutes of the battle, making it challenging to defeat him. Try out the most recent fighting game from, and if you like Exchange Student Battle Day Brawl, come right back for more and more!

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