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Fangs For The Memories

Fangs For The Memories

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Adventure Time: Fangs For The Memories


The Adventure Time cast, including Finn, Jake, and everyone else, is imprisoned in the Fangs for the Memories game. You are the only one who has the ability to release them from the vivid caves. Solve the puzzles to put your memory to the test!

It’s your responsibility to discover the locations of each character’s traps. To reach your companions, you must turn over cards that have cards hiding underneath them. To unlock the character, you just need to match two identical images! Get the work done quickly by moving rapidly!

How to play Fangs For The Memories

The same character appears on two cards for every level! The cards are upside-down, and you must touch on each image to discover the corresponding card! The identical photos will remain upright and in the same location once you’ve found two of them. For a faster game completion, try to recall where your characters are!

In this game, there are three levels. You can get some practice in by starting on Easy mode! When you’re confident that you’ve mastered the basics, go to the Hard or Very Hard settings to advance. Aside from that, you must use the fewest moves possible to finish each level! You’ll get better grades if you follow this advice! On the upper left of the screen, you can see how many movements there are. The greatest ratings will come from keeping an eye on that.

Help the unfortunate people that live in the Land of the Ooo! Get ready for a fresh adventure as Finn and Jake once again need your help! Using the vibrant and difficult puzzles, release your cherished friends!

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