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Fearless Flier

Fearless Flier

by: New Looney Tunes

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New Looney Tunes: Fearless Flier


In the video game Fearless Flier, come on vacation with Bugs Bunny to a tropical paradise! The ravenous rabbit has devised a new strategy to gather as many carrots as possible. Even so, your favorite furry pet will require your assistance because it won’t be simple. Will you help him out?

However, it involves going paragliding! Bugs has discovered a means to carry out his plan! It is your responsibility to direct the bunny as he flies through the air and leads him directly to the carrots. There are many challenges on your path, so it’s not going to be simple. Have you have what it takes to finish this main goal?

You may occasionally be able to gather a magnet power-up. You’ll draw in all the carrots thanks to this helpful boost, which will speed up the rate at which you earn rewards! Simply keep an eye out for it and take it in your hands as soon as you do.

Also occasionally available for purchase are some apples. When the bar at the bottom of the screen is full, you will receive an accomplishment for having a certain number! Wile E. Coyote and the Tasmanian Devil, two more of your Looney Tunes pals, will appear after that. Will they be of assistance to you or will they make your work even more challenging?

Are you willing to come and supportĀ Bugs Bunny in carrying out his strategy? In this enjoyable adventure, help him out and gather as many carrots as you can!

How to play Fearless Flier

When you tap the , you will float up and be able to move the rabbit around and into position. Simply let off of the key for a brief period of time to cause your furry companion to descend if you wish to modify the altitude. Sounds simple enough, no?

Because of his keen intelligence, Bugs Bunny discovered the most efficient method for gathering his prized carrots. Nevertheless, he still faces a lot of challenges, including those posed by other people, birds, and even airplanes. Maintain your friend’s safety by keeping an eye out for them. You will have to start the game again if he is struck.

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