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Find Lamput

Find Lamput

by: Lamput

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Find Lamput


Are you prepared to endure a wild adventure based on the Lamput cartoon series on Cartoon Network? With Find Lamput, you may put your search abilities to the test as you try to track down a mutant orange that is a little mad but extremely smart and has escaped from a hidden laboratory. This mutant orange is always prepared to get away from the scientists who are after it.

How to play Find Lamput

This game consists of two stages.

Lamput is present on the first level, which is located in an Egyptian display.

The physicians are present on the second floor, which is situated in a run-down fruit stand. Around each image are a number of physicians and Lamputs. The upper left corner of the screen is where you can discover the number of physicians and Lamputs that you need to find in the image. Upper right corner: this is where the timer is.

The timer won’t expire, so you don’t need to be concerned. But working quickly pays off since you want to achieve the best grade possible.


To recognize the characters, look for recognizable characteristics. Discover everything that seems orange and you’ll find Lamput. Look for patterns of gray and white and the occasional trace of a pair of glasses to locate the physicians.

Translucent pictures of the physicians and Lamput may be seen in some places. Look for things with their hues that are somewhat transparent. Attempt to search for any references to the characters on posters or walls.

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