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Fionna Fights – Rush Into The Villains

Fionna Fights – Rush Into The Villains

by: Adventure Time

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Adventure Time: Fionna Fights


Many people enjoy the animated television show Adventure Time and its main characters, Finn, Jake, and Fionna .Those heroes is living in the “Land of Ooo.” This is a unique nation full of odd personalities and talking animals, where magic and high technology mix to produce strange new items or humans that engage in adventures.

Marshall Lee and Fionna were heading to Lumpy Space Prince’s celebration in this action game when villains attacked them! As a result, they must take a detour and cleanse the skies of evil monsters!

Your job is to support Fionna in leading her attacks against the nefarious minions! You must collect as many points as possible while not allowing any monster to escape your fury! Remember that your character might rapidly get fatigued! You must keep her safe while while completing the assignment successfully!

When the monsters come, Fionna must jump into the air and try to stop them! You must click on her foes to destroy them! She will defeat the wicked minions with her sword! In order to not let her run out of energy, do not let the evil get past Fionna! Also, if you want to keep her flying in the air for a longer time, try not to miss any blows! When her energy bar is down to zero, the game is over!

Special talents can assist you in completing the mission and getting to the party faster! For each enemy you beat, you will gain additional Gems that you can spend to purchase Swords, Potions, and other Special Items in the Shop! After you acquire them, they will emerge in the air on a regular basis for you to utilize!

How to play game Fionna Fights

You must click on her foes to destroy them! To win the game, you must earn a large number of points! You may raise your score by hitting more than two foes at once! Some foes, though, are simply too powerful, and you will have to attack again and again.

Are you willing to take on this challenge? Begin the fight with Fionna and defeat all creatures!

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