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Fist Punch – Kick And Punch To Defeat The Villain

Fist Punch – Kick And Punch To Defeat The Villain

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Fist Punch


If you like the Regular Show series, you won’t want to miss the Fist Punch game! Mordecai and Rigby planned to spend the entire day in the coffee shop, drinking coffee, eating, and having a good time. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to enjoy themselves as much today since an evil character known as Night Owl stole their buddy.
They couldn’t stand by and watch this happen, so they decided to transform into superheroes and save their friend. Finally, we believe that if we were in their shoes, each of us would go to great lengths to assist a dear friend. So, support Mordecai and Rigby in defeating the Night Owl team and rescuing your friend.

You may only use your legs and fists, and you must destroy every opponent in your path! To defeat your attackers, use a mix of punches and kicks, and keep a watch on your special meter as it fills up.
When your special bar is full, you can fire a powerful area impact assault. Some foes use weapons such as a French bread stick; after killed, you can pick up and use these weapons yourself! Collect food as you go to replenish your health and secure your survival. You may play two players on the same screen if you want your pals to join in on the fun! Can you effectively overcome someone with your fists?

How to play

To move your character from one side of the screen to the other, use the Left and Right Arrow keys. You can jump by using the Up Arrow key, and you can fall from a platform by using the Down Arrow key.

You may launch an attack by pressing the N or M keys on your keyboard. If you hit the N key three times in a row, you will be able to perform combinations that will earn you additional points. Be aware of those who wish to destroy you on your quest. Avoid the impediments in your path and do everything you can to save your pal.

In two-player mode, you may move with the W, A, S, D keys and perform actions with the X and Z keys.

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