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Flambos Inferno – Collect Coal On Your Journey

Flambos Inferno – Collect Coal On Your Journey

by: Adventure Time

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Adventure Time: Flambos Inferno


Flambo’s Inferno is the newest game that we want to share with you all on our website, a game that has just been added to the Adventure Time Games category, where you can always discover the greatest games with your favorite Cartoon Network characters. Flambo returns to the spotlight in Flambo’s Inferno, and we’re confident that many of you will like this fiery figure since the first game dedicated just to him was a big hit on the Internet.

In the fantastic Flambo’s Inferno game, the temperatures are getting so high! Flame Princess had left some coal, but Magic Man had spread it all over the place! Flambo must now seek it out and gather as much as he can!

Your mission is to assist the fiery figure in moving over several platforms while collecting all of the coal that he encounters! You must keep in mind that some elements of the platform are flammable and may endanger him! So gather as much coal as you can and get out of there before he hurts himself!

Along the road, you’ll come across Critters who can assist you on your adventure! You can utilize buttons to open doors that are blocking Flambo’s progress! Furthermore, Water Ballon Critters may assist you in putting out fires! However, not every one of them is beneficial! For example, don’t touch Rocket Critters since they’ll blast everything away!

You may even construct your own puzzle! To do so, go to the Main Menu and select Build from the drop-down menu. You can make any form of puzzle using the Level Builder as long as it includes a beginning, middle, and end, as well as some coal! Additionally, click on the Shop icon and purchase themed backdrops, creatures, and tiles to spice things up!

How to play the game Flambos Inferno

Before the place burns down, you must cross the finish line! Use the Right and Left arrows to navigate Flambo across the platforms! He also needs to reach varied heights on occasion! Use the Up and Down arrows to move between platforms!

Each level is a puzzle, with several obstacles attempting to derail your progress! The wooden docks, for example, will catch fire if they come into touch with Fambo! When this happens, chunks of the platform are lost, and Fambo may become trapped! Also, bear in mind that because he is composed of fire, Flambo is resistant to fire. However, water is his weakness, and he cannot be touched by it.

Flambo is ecstatic to get his hands on some coal. Ensure that he is safe and that his pockets are filled to the top on his adventure! You’ll be able to solve all of the riddles if you pay great attention to them!

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