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Food Fight – Let’s Join Food Throwing Competition

Food Fight – Let’s Join Food Throwing Competition

by: DC Super Hero Girl

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DC Super Hero Girls: Food Fight


DC: Super Hero Girls: Food Fight is a 2D fighting game that features a cast of DC superheroines. Even a school cafeteria appears to be a risky place for Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Zatanna, and the other heroines! Evil is constantly after them, and this time you must join in defeating the villains! Lend a helping hand to your favorite heroes and defeat your opponents by shooting food at them!

The cafeteria is separated into two sections, one for your character and one for the one you’re fighting, and you’ll be controlling the character and throwing food. Shoot the food in such a way that you deplete the opponent’s life bar before they do it to you, and you will win the food combat. Dear children, you must ensure that you may get points by winning each round of the battle in the limit time.

When upgrades are coming in the center, rush up to them, take them, and utilize them to your advantage to get an edge. Good luck and keep moving, as today has been filled with one incredible game after another, and you won’t want to miss them, believe us!

How to play game Food Fight

Before you can join the superhero girls, you must first learn the basic concepts. All you need to participate in the food fight is a keyboard. To move, use the Arrow Keys, and to strike, use the Space Bar. You may, of course, select your favorite hero for the battle!

Batgirl, Zatanna, Wonder Woman and the other heroines each have their own special abilities. Others of the gals are quicker than others, while some have more range, power, or stamina. Before selecting your player, take all of these facts in mind! Only the best warrior will triumph.

There are only 60 seconds for you to throw the food products at your competitors in order to win. Will you be able to fight the villains and restore order to Metropolis?

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