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French Fry Frenzy – How To Make French Fries In Time

French Fry Frenzy – How To Make French Fries In Time

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: French Fry Frenzy


We haven’t had many culinary games added to our We Bare Bears Games online category previously, so you can imagine how thrilled we are to share one with you right now as we encourage all of our visitors to test out the magnificence that is French Fry Frenzy!

At the French Fry Stand, the bears need your help!

The three brothers want to make friends in France, so they decide to open a french fry stall in San Francisco, where you may assist them by making meals and handing it to hungry customers.

How to play the game French Fry Frenzy

Customers come one by one and show you what they want at the food booth where you work with the bears. After the potatoes have been cooked, add the desired toppings, such as meat, vegetables or sauces, and arrange as indicated in the photo.

If you do it right, you’ll get compensated and a new customer; however, if you take too long to complete orders, you’ll lose money in the long run since customers who wait too long won’t return.

Let’s try to see how far you can reach with serving customers so that you may become one of San Francisco’s top french fries businesses!

We wish you a lot of culinary fun, and we encourage you to check out more of our games later!

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