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Frosty Fight

Frosty Fight

by: Adventure Time

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Adventure Time: Frosty Fight


The Adventure Time Princesses are being held prisoner in the Frosty Fight game by the Ice King! Finn has decided to act and free the unfortunate characters from their icy captivity as a result! But given that his adversaries are keeping an eye on him at all times, things don’t appear to be going as he had planned!

To move, he must navigate ice blocks without slipping into the water. Princesses such as Princess Cookie, Princess Bubblegum, and Lumpy Space Princess are all waiting for your companion to save them! Make sure he goes in the appropriate direction to the females as part of your responsibility! Pay close attention and support Finn in taking down the sneaky Ice King!

How to play Frosty Fight

To go where he’s going, Finn must navigate the ice blocks! The must be used to move him about. Watch out for the correct way, please! The game will terminate if your pal plunges into the chilly water!

In addition, you have to gather every one of the vibrant jewels that pop out above each ice block! They assist you in drawing a powerful sword of Finn! In order to release the princesses, he uses it to melt through their frozen cages. Even better, during the game, bonuses could show up! To increase your scores, you may gather money. You can also leap over switches to reach farther-off levels.

Remember that the Ice King and his henchmen are attempting to thwart Finn’s efforts to save the princesses! They will attempt to shove him over the platforms while watching his every move! Be cautious, and if necessary, alter your course. Additionally, not every location is safe for jumping! To prevent injury to Finn, watch out for flames, shaky ice blocks, and other dangers.

Finn has decided to defend the Land of the Ooo princesses on his own! You must step up and assist your pal in carrying out his ideas!

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