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Fun Raiser – Take Care For The Three Bears

Fun Raiser – Take Care For The Three Bears

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Fun Raiser


A young scientist is interested in learning about the habits of three distinct bears: pandas, polar bears, and grizzly bears. This young child would adore spending the day in the center of their natural environment.

If you’ve ever questioned what it’s like to observe and care for wild animals, the Fun Raiser game is your opportunity to find out. You get to see animal behavior in their natural habitat and learn about their daily requirements!

One minor point: you will not be working with wild animals. Instead, you’ll join Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear, your favorite bear three. They’ve returned home, and you’ll need to conduct some study on their daily activities and how they keep themselves engaged. Today, in another universe, you will be the one in charge of caring for the bears.

As you play, two more bears will show up and come in, increasing the pressure on you. You must now cater to the requirements of three adult bears! That can easily become problematic. Each of them will want something different, and you must deliver anything they desire in a couple of seconds.

Any bear who becomes too sad or hungry will venture outside in search of something more interesting or food. In other words, there will be nothing left for you to learn, and the game will be done. That being stated, make certain that you take excellent care of them while you are present.

How to play the game Fun Raiser

Your major objective is to ensure that the bears have whatever they desire. You must keep a careful eye on them to do this. Then, if a dialog with food or a game appears, grab it as quickly as possible. There are arrows show up at the bottom of the screen, use your mouse to click on it, you will be moved to Chloe’s desk, where she has everything ready for you. Grasp what you need quickly, then return to the bear and hand it up.

The bears, in addition to being always hungry, become bored very fast. When you combine it with their high level of energy, you’ll find it tough to go up and down to get them what they desire. But it’s all in the name of science! So saddle up and get ready to travel quickly.

Remember to check  the top-left bar, which has an apple near it. It will inform you how hungry the bear is and how quickly you should get him food. You’ll see another one below the hunger bar with a bear face next to it later. This one will reveal if your bear is bored or relax.

When a bear has had enough food, he will almost certainly request some form of entertainment, such as literature, a cell phone, or the remote control.

Try your hardest to keep the two bars as full as possible at all times so that you may have a happy bear that is eager to go through your research.

What else you should know

Oh, and there is a tiny hint: you won’t find what you need the first time you visit Chloe’s desk since they all want something different. So use the arrows to swipe back and forth till you find out what you’re looking for.

Best of luck!

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