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Fungie Jumper

Fungie Jumper

by: The Fungies!

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The Fungies: Fungie Jumper


The Fungie youngster, Seth, is trying his hardest to progress in the Fungie Jumper game by climbing higher and higher. Scientists shouldn’t be climbing on ladders, but your friend wants to impress his mother and bring her some snow for her priceless shelf. The main character of The Fungies needs your assistance to identify his quarry and retrieve the snow before it melts.

As Seth jumps steadily higher in this entertaining game, you must control him. You are in for a lot of thrilling difficulties, and every level has a different demand! Have you got what it takes to get through every stage and collect enough points? Do not disappoint your buddy!

How to play Fungie Jumper

You must become familiar with the controls before starting your mission. To have Seth jump up onto a platform, press the Space bar or the Up arrow on your keyboard. Following that, you may move him in any direction by using the Left or Right arrows. Sounds not too challenging, does it not?

Your fungus buddy may earn points by collecting precious objects from some of the ledges that are resting on top of them. If you locate a snowball, you’ll get a massive score of 200 instead of the usual 100 points per item!

You’ll notice that there are fewer platforms as you go higher and higher. Pay caution and try not to leap too high or you might not have a landing surface! In such a case, you’ll have to start the challenge over from scratch.

Do not forget that certain things are more beneficial than others. The majority of collectibles only get you a few points, so be on the lookout for anything that glows green! They occasionally cause you to rise higher, as if on a trampoline. What a blast, huh?

Seth wants to wow his mother, and he needs your support! Give him a helping hand, ascend the platforms, and gather some snow for the priceless shelf! Have you everything needed to finish this challenge?

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