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Fungie Sling – Send Seth To Sky For Tokens

Fungie Sling – Send Seth To Sky For Tokens

by: Elliott From Earth

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Fungie Sling


You can always sleep well knowing that when you wake up, you will most likely discover the greatest concepts of Cartoon Network Games online here on, as our administrative staff has established a page for you all to locate and play Fungie Sling!

This is one of the greatest new Fungies Games online that have been introduced to our website, which we are very happy about because it is one of the newest Cartoon Network Games sections we’ve established here, based on the hit program of the same name that just recently launched!

The Fungies have prepared a thrilling game for you. Fungie Sling is the first item in our newly-created categories of The Fungies Games, where we want to bring you some of the greatest material that this Cartoon Network genre has to offer, and beginning with slingshot shooting components is a wonderful way to get things started!

Have you ever wished to assist Seth in his adventures? You have that opportunity with this Fungie Sling! Seth needs your help in launching him and collecting tokens and papers. Get the objectives to finish the level and avoid problems. Can you make the best of a fantastic position?

Good luck, we wish you the best of success, and we hope to see you around, playing more of our incredible daily content at!

How to play game Fungie Sling

Set the angle, draw back, and shoot Seth, who will sit in the slingshot, and you may make him leap even higher by making a mid-air pull. You may shoot again even while in mid-air for added power. Shoot Seth in such a manner that the trajectory he takes allows him to gather the items in his project and finish all 18 stages in this game.

Time your shoots to get over┬áthe moving platforms, shatter the blocks to get past them, and if you want to travel quickly enough, you’ll have to strike the bouncing mushrooms. Avoid the bogs at all costs, as touching them at any time will result in an instant level loss.

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