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Gate Crashers

Gate Crashers

by: Adventure Time

  • 2.8K
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Adventure Time: Gate Crashers


Your dexterity and attention to detail will be put to the test in the Gate Crashers game! Are you prepared to discover the Candy Kingdom’s treasures and get to know the Candy People who live there? They are eccentric and vibrant, as you could expect, exactly like the other Adventure Time characters. You will have the opportunity to greet them and welcome them to Princess Bubblegum’s castle. They aren’t the only ones, though; there are others as well!

The castle constructed of candies is being attacked by evil wolves. You will assume the position of gatekeeper. How many people do you let through the drawbridge? Who will you expel? The speed with which you can decide will affect your ultimate grade. Do you feel ready to test out this game?

How to play Gate Crashers

Ten waves of characters are approaching the castle; can you withstand them? Candy Wolves and humans will attack and destroy Princess Bubblegum’s kingdom. Only one type of person is let inside, though. The left mouse button or tapping the screen of your phone may be used to open and close the gate. That seems simple as pie, doesn’t it?

But completing the game’s last wave and getting a good score are difficult tasks! It’s not always the same rate for wolves and candies to move. Therefore, you must act immediately and make an effort to keep the wild animals out. On top of that, some of them will be disguised to trick you. To win, get rid of them without denying yourself candy!

Do you see the number on the screen in the upper left-hand corner? With every error you commit, it will decrease. By allowing one of the blue candies with the heart shape inside in, you can repair it, though. The game ends whenever the counter hits zero. By this time, you should have dealt with all 10 waves of invaders; if not, you should try again.

Keep practicing to increase your score and don’t give up if you become frustrated! You will undoubtedly have a ball with your favorite Adventure Time characters, even if you aren’t all that amazing at start!

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