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Ghost Blast – Shock The Ghost And Suck Them In

Ghost Blast – Shock The Ghost And Suck Them In

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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Amazing World Of Gumball: Ghost Blast


There is nothing we could enjoy more than introducing you to a fresh new and exciting Gumball Games title game on the internet, which is why you’re welcome to play Ghost Blast, a Halloween-themed game right now!

It’s time to have a lot of fun with the Gumball characters in the game Gumball Ghost Blast! Are you ready to embark on an epic journey with the game’s main characters within a mansion inhabited by demonic spirits?

Anais Vs Ghosts, who will survive the horror night?

Anais is on her way to help Gumball and Darwin because they haven’t emerged from the eerie mansion. All of them must be home in time before mother finds out they disappear! Play as Anais and carry a large rucksack on your back with a high-capacity proton nuclear trigger that will allow you to trap all the spirits within and save your companions’ lives before it’s too late. But be cautious! You’ll only have a chance to catch them if you first blind them and stun them with your camera’s flash. Are you ready for a frightfully wonderful time?

Without losing your three lives or the game, assist her in defeating the spirits in each chamber.

How to play the game Ghost Blast

Press left-kick on the door to navigate. Whenever the ghosts show up, hit your SpaceBar to activate the camera flash to shock all of them. Next, hit  Left click, drag, and hold down toward the ghosts to suck them into to ghost blasting sucking machine.

These are the fundamentals of the game, so get started right now. We wish you success and hope to see more of you here in the future; it would be a pity not to continue enjoying our fantastic stuff!

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