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Gotham City Mayhem

Gotham City Mayhem

by: Batman Mission

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Batman Mission: Gotham City Mayhem


You must eliminate all of the enemies that are destroying Gotham! Batman must fend off advancing gangs of criminals and confront some of his worst adversaries, including Two-Face, The Riddler, and Harley Quinn. For this reason, you must seize your dependable Batarang and advance into a fight. The winner will only be the most talented warrior!

Don’t worry if the battles are too challenging! You can acquire different power-ups if you keep smashing things in your immediate vicinity. These can offer you a limitless supply of batarangs, restore your health bar, or make you invulnerable. Just be careful to apply the skills as soon as they appear else, you can miss your chance to get the goodies.

The true fight might start after you confront your toughest foes, such Two-Face or Harley Quinn. You need to keep attacking them till their health meter is empty if you want to beat them and save Gotham. You must, however, maintain your safety and avoid wasting your energy. FocusĀ on the screen and launch your Batarang at them as soon as they appear if you want to win!

So, are you prepared to support Batman? The criminals must be stopped whatever it takesĀ since the city is in peril! It’s time to join the fight and aid your friend in destroying all of his attackers!

How to play Gotham City Mayhem

You simply need to utilize your mouse, thus no more equipment is needed. Each villain may be attacked by left-clicking him and aiming your weapon at him. Simply touch on the nearby items and break them if you’re hunting for power-ups. Be careful though, since your adversaries may also brandish weapons at you.

Are you going to be able to go through all five levels? You must defeat the minions before you may defeat the mastermind in each combat. Maintain a high level of caution and eliminate every enemy until none remain. Once the first section is finished, it’s time to take on some of Gotham City’s most notorious criminals!

Don’t allow your health bar to become completely empty by keeping an eye on it at all times! You lose the game when all of your energy is used up. However, if you take swift action, you can defeat your adversaries before they launch an attack. Keep in mind that some of them may require many strikes until they vanish!

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