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Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy

by: Lego Marvel

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Lego Marvel: Guardians Of The Galaxy


Play the LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Guardians of the Galaxy game to show off your dexterity and wit! You won’t regret taking this challenge if you like the well-known superhero film or the legendary toy manufacturer. Try your best to sneak aboard an adversary ship by putting yourself in each squad member’s shoes. Can you find your way around the platform maze?

The game has four stages, each of which focuses on a different Guardian of the Galaxy. To reach Gamora’s challenge, you must first demonstrate your abilities while taking on the role of Star-Lord. Rocket and Drax have the same situation. If you can complete every level before that, there is even a secret level. In order to demonstrate that you are deserving of the position of Guardian, start playing!

Make use of the improvements if you wish to complete your mission successfully! The weapon upgrade, which will enable quicker enemy elimination, is the most crucial. Additionally, employing the green missiles will increase your range and assist you in eliminating various barriers. Just locate the weapon accessory!

Do you need help finding your way? When you have to make your way through such a complicated maze, it’s simple. Fortunately, you can get oriented using the map. Access it by clicking the suggested button in the top right corner of the screen. Your next destination is now clear to you.

Can you get three stars in all of the levels? You must be cautious and gather all of the studs you can discover. Use the coins to complete the journey! You’re guaranteed to have a great time with the Guardians of the Galaxy!

How to play Guardians Of The Galaxy

You already know what to do if you have played any platform games before. Moving is done by using the Left and Right Arrows. Press the Up Arrow to jump if necessary. Have you ever observed that every character is armed with a unique item? To launch it whenever you want, press the Space Bar. Gamora’s Godslayer sword is very awesome, don’t you think? How about the machine gun used by Rocket Raccoon?

Let’s get going! To complete the platform labyrinth, you must gather as many coins as you can. The game does, however, also have puzzle-like aspects! As a result, each stage will require you to discover a means to unlock the barrier by gathering the grey key. Utilize the elevators, jump from one platform to the next, and demolish any barriers in your path!

Watch out for the enemies who are waiting around every corner! You’ll have no choice but to confront them due to this difficulty. The energy bar in the upper left corner of the screen will also decrease if you are stuck, which is another disadvantage. Yikes! However, you may still restock them by keeping an eye out for the dispersed yellow plus signs throughout each game stage.

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